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Whether you are coming to Japan purely for golfing or just want to fit in a few rounds between sightseeing, we’ll ensure you have a great experience!


February 05 2024 Ibaraki Golf Tourism Study Teams(IGTST) Report VO.2〜
January 22 2024 日本&シンガポール 親睦コンペ/ウエルカムレセプション(Japan-Singapore friendly golf competition&Welcome Reception) (
October 30 2023 12 singapore golfer coming to play Ibaraki golf courses and stay in Tsukuba city.
October 20 2023 Ibaraki Golf Tourism Study Teams(IGTST) Report VO.1〜


We can book and arrange golf courses all over Japan. We offer tailor-made travel arrangements to suit your needs. Experience our quality service and hospitality.
(1) We can arrange accommodation, transportation, meals and other activities, and English-speaking guides.
(2) An English-speaking guide can play with you if required.
(3) Some golf courses only accept golfers accompanied by members.
(4) Excluding some private courses.


We have over 30 years' experience in golf tourism and our Golf Tourism & Travel Manager, KENNY, was stationed in Australia and New Zealand.
KENNY has been involved in golf tourism for more than 30 years and was attracted to the sport while stationed in Australia and New Zealand.

With over 30 years of experience in inbound and outbound travel, he is always looking to provide quality, tailor-made work that will delight your needs from the customer's perspective
  • About IBARAKI

    Kenny lives in Ibaraki and is a member of two home courses with official HC9.
    Ibaraki has many excellent prestigious and tournament courses, great scenery and plenty of places to stay.
    The location is very convenient: 30 minutes from Narita Airport to the south of the prefecture via motorway, 1.5 hours to Mito, the prefectural capital, and up to 50 km to Tokyo.
    Please take this opportunity to play at golf courses all over Japan, with Ibaraki as your starting point.
    We will do our best to back you up.


    "I highly recommend golf enthusiasts living abroad to come and play at the exquisite golf courses in Ibaraki Prefecture. With its stunning scenery, state-of-the-art facilities, and impeccable service, Ibaraki's golf courses offer an unparalleled experience that is sure to exceed your expectations. Come and enjoy the perfect blend of tradition and innovation that makes Ibaraki's golf courses truly exceptional."

  • About Kenny

    Kenny is a person who checks various golf courses every day and knows well about their characteristics and strategies. He also has extensive knowledge of renowned golf courses in Ibaraki Prefecture.